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16 October 2011 @ 02:38 am
List of Favorite Fanfiction websites and stories  

This List updated Jan 26th, 2012

Beyond my favorites on Fanfiction.Net, I have loads more places I enjoy to go to find and read stories, as well as several favorited stories found all over the web. I'll be creating a list of the ones that aren't a part of FF.Net here.
If you want to check out my fanfiction.net favorites where you will find more stories from the fandoms below, plus many others from fandoms that are not, then just go to my profile and click to view my favories.
(You will find the Favorites tab just above where my stories are listed.) Note: there are 630+ stories in my favorites.

My Favorite Fanfiction Websites and Stories

Emma (Jane Austen):

- A Confession of Folly, by Lynn
- Confessions By The Sea-Side, by Ramya
- A Knightley Engagement, by Kathy R.
- Knights in Black Satin (Waistcoats), by Laraine
- A Love Most Unwanted, by Ulrike
- Emma's Turmoil, by Kathy F.
- A Morning Request, by Helena6
- Emma Deja-vu, by Cassandra
- The Wedding Day, by white_hart
- Poignant Sting, by Ione
- George Knightley (Instead of Emma), by sophiaiswisdom
- The Night Before the Wedding, by Kat
- An Illness at Donwell Abbey, by Jimmy
- Truth and Sincerity, by Betsy
- No, Indeed We Are Not, by Charlotte
- Such an Inclination, by Sandy W.
- Something Beautiful, by Crysty
- Only Kind of Different, by Elisa
- My Love, My Happiness, by Sarah C.
- Complicated, by Keri Lian

Harry Potter :

Lord of the Rings :
http://www.chicagostation.com/lotrfic.htm  (Prince of Ithilien, is a great read)

- The Captain's Last Charge, by Scribbler (Teen)
- What A Woman Can Do by Isis (Mature Content/NC-17) 
- Weighty Praise, by Scribbler
- Undeniable, by Arya_of_Alagasia (from Council of Elrond.com)
-  Innocence of a Kiss, by Almost_Irish (from Council of Elrond.com)
- Shadow on the Sun, by Miluiel93 (from Council of Elrond.com)
- A Picture in the Mind, by Ithildin
- At First Sight?, by Narya
- Moonlight in Ithilien, by Ria
- Winter Candles, by Raksha The Demon
- Morning Dew, by Camilla Sandman
- Trust In Yourself, by Goldnote (rated PG)
- To Open Her Eyes, by FoxRafer (PG-13)
- Shiver, by Susana (PG-13)
- Kicking and Screaming, by Calliope (Mature Content/ NC-17)
- For You I Will Burn, by  Geale (rated NC-17/Mature Content)
- Wonderful Tonight by Violin Ghost
- Springs First Thaw by Marta
- Burden of Guilt by Linda Hoyland (59 Chapter story)

  LJ - LOTR Fanfiction Links:

- Picking up the Threads by alex_quine
- This Beautiful War of Ours by cloudytea

North and South (Elizabeth Gaskell):
LJ - N&S Fanfiction Links:

Northanger Abbey (Jane Austen):
-A Clandestine Correspondence by  Margaret C. Sullivan 

Pride & Prejudice (Jane Austen):

Prince of Persia:
- Not My Blood, by ChaseYoungsgirl (from Deviant Art)
- Dastan's Dream, by WolfenMoonDaughter (from Deviant Art)

Stargate Atlantis:

- A Runner's Story by ladybozi (rated PG13)
-Embracing the Inner McKay by neena varscona
- Lust by 0xNatashax0 (of Deviant Art)

Star Wars:

As I come across more sites and stories I will update this post.
And if you think you know a fanfic that I may enjoy, don't be shy about suggesting it.