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09 February 2011 @ 08:26 pm
By the Minute  

By the Minute

Summary:   The Brotherhood and X-men students decide to join forces to try and get Lance and Kitty together. But it has to be done without Scott finding out about it- who seems to be acting strangely, even for Scott. And Lance and Kitty have no clue what their friends are trying to do so they go on with their day plans making it all the more difficult for the others plan to work. Just how long can the brotherhood and x-men stay focused on their common goal and not let their differences get in the way? -- The clock is ticking for everyone as the day goes on and people start to disappear and some discover the loss of their powers. Will they be able to figure out what is going on to save everyone and continue on with their plan? Or is it ruined? ...
Rated: T
Chapter 1   -   Chapter 2   -   Chapter 3   -   Chapter 4

Chapter 5   -   Chapter 6   -   Chapter 7   -   Chapter 8

Chapter 9   -   Chapter 10  -  Chapter 11  -  Chapter 12

Chapter 13  -  Chapter 14  -  Chapter 15  -  Chapter 16

Chapter 17  -  Chapter 18  -  Chapter 19  -  Chapter 20
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